Full Contact Sport Ice Hockey

Full Contact Sport Ice Hockey

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Full Contact

Full-contact sports allow competitors to physically confront their opponents and use a wide array of combat moves (which may or may not include striking, kicking, tracking, grabbing, wrestling and putting opponents in submission moves, either unarmed or using weapons) as a means of achieving victory. While in some full-contact sports the goal of each match is to physically defeat an opponent (so-called “combat sports” or “collision sports”), in other sport disciplines players strive to secure victory by gathering points and using physical contact only as a secondary means of ensuring a victory (so-called “contact sports”).

The amount of force that can be experienced by players is usually much higher than in other types of sport, ranging from occasional contact between players during soccer matches, and the tremendous impact that can happen in American football, rugby or various martial art sports. Competitors in full-contact sports often come in contact with inanimate objects (ball), opponents who are wearing protective gear, or can regularly strike the ground itself with high force.

Most popular full-contact sport today are soccer, American football, ice hockey, boxing and mix martial arts.

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