Limited Contact Sports

Limited-contact sports are those where competitors in certain situations may come in contact. Still, that contact is allowed by the rules to be as brief and as light as possible, with a wide set of rules preventing competitors from harming one another either intentionally or unintentionally. Many limited-contact sports also use rules that prevent contact between opposing and same-team players. If contact happens, judges usually determine if that contact was allowed on the fly. If the penalty is deemed necessary, that penalty serves to discourage the future recurrence of contact. In some limited-contact sports, repeated penalties for the contact between players can lead to the temporary or permanent removing the player from the field of play.

The most popular limited-contact sport in the world is, without any doubt, basketball, which was devised in the late 1800s to be a fast-paced team sport that promotes athleticism, endurance, precision, movement, and teamwork. In this sport, repeated offenders of body contact are given several chances before they are removed from the field of play. Other examples of limited-contact sports are baseball, women’s lacrosse, netball, softball, field hockey, hurling, polo, underwater hockey, and more.

Limited Contact Sport Basketball