Limited Contact Sport Basketball

Limited Contact Sport Basketball

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Limited Contact

In limited-contact sports, competitors are never facing each other in direct combat sports confrontation, but are striving to achieve the goal of the game with the rules that specifically discourage physical contact, no matter if it is intentional or unintentional. If the substantially hard contact does happen, the offender usually gets an official reprimand that will either impact his or his team current score, or it eventually leads him to physical disqualification and temporary or permanent removal from active play.

Limited-contact sports can be physically exerting (like basketball), but rules allow players to remain safe even if the contact does occur. Hash penalties ensure that amount of force that is experienced in physical contact remains relatively low, but of course, injuries can occur.

While basketball and baseball today remain as the most popular limited-contact sports, others have also managed to find their significant audiences, such as softball, netball, hurling, polo, and others.

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