Non Contact Sports Running

Non Contact Sports Running

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Non Contact

In non-contact sports, players are not only prohibited by rules to make direct contact with their opponents or team members, they are usually also either physically separated one from another with playing field bounds or are tasked to compete sequentially one after another in a predetermined sporting activity or task. In the vast majority of non-contact sports players never come in contact one with another, but rules are still laid in place to severely punish if any contact happened accidentally or intentionally (usually with a disqualification).

The vast majority of non-contact sports are played by individual players, but in rare cases, team play is present. This is most notable in the sport such as a volleyball, in which two teams of six players compete against one another while not being permitted to achieve contact across the boundary of their playspace. Contact between teammates is permitted in volleyball, tennis, and rowing, but such team sports are rare in non-contact space. Most often, non-contact sports are focused on an individual skill, endurance, athleticism or tactics.

Most popular non-contact sports today are volleyball, golf, cricket, tennis, badminton, bowling, darts, running, swimming, sprinting, gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.

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