Semi Contact Sport Karate

Semi Contact Sport Karate

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Semi Contact

In semi-contact sports, which are usually martial art combat sports, players are allowed to use moves and tactics that lead to the much weaker application of force that can be achieved in full-contact sports. More precisely, competitors in combat matches are allowed to use only moves that will lead to the acquisition of points that will be awarded by the judges overseeing the match. Hurting opponents to the state of loss of consciousness is not allowed, as well as various grappling, wrestling, tackling and submission moves that may lead to injury.

Semi-contact sports matches are usually focused on gaining points using striking or kicking, and physically containing opponents using moves that only simulate full-power techniques. Some combat sports also allow the use protective gear or clothing that can range from hand wraps and mouthguards to the protective equipment for the head, shins, arms, groin, and trunks.

Many of the combat sports of this type performed their matches not in the timed round manner, but until a point gets awarded to a player. At that point, both players reset to a predetermined safe position and are given a sign from the judge to continue fighting.

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